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Divided by common values? - Divergent interpretations of Article 2 TEU amongst EU Member States

The question whether some Eastern member states violate democratic norms and do not uphold the rule of law according to Art. 2 TEU is recently highly debated in the EU’s institutions and member states. On the one hand, the European Commission laid down a proposal in January 2019 that establishes a link between the respect for the rule of law in member states and financial transfers from the EU. Moreover, the European Commission also proposed to the Council to adopt a decision under Art. 7 TEU against Poland, while the European Parliament voted in favour of launching Art. 7 TEU against the Hungarian government. On the other hand, Poland still did not rescind its judicial reforms condemned both by the European Court of Justice and the Hungarian government warned that such proposals and votes against Central European member states would only lead to further conflicts within the EU. The European Union seems to be divided by common values. Thus, in this seminar, students will take part in a Moot Court which will focus on the interpretation of Art. 2 TEU in the cases of Poland, Hungary and Romania.

The seminar is embedded into an interdisciplinary and international event bringing together advanced students from all over Europe. It combines the application of political and legal knowledge with elements of a simulation exercise and a summer school. Every participant has the possibility to practice real-life situations in English by performing a specific role in a Moot Court. 

The seminar will start with internal meetings of the German group, consisting of political sciences and law students, and culminate in an international summer school and simulation exercise (Moot Court) on negotiating on the interpretation of Art. 2 TEU in the cases of Poland, Hungary and Romania taking place in Brussels between June 24 and 28, 2019. 

Participating students will be provided with more information (literature, schedule etc.) during the first meeting in April 2019.

Please note: the project of 2019 has been completed . The next PROTEUS project will start with the next summer semester (April 2020).

Information for Cologne Law Students